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ODYN collective is a quality, affordable, unisex clothing brand aiming to shake up the market.

Focusing on essential streetwear pieces & loungewear, the OC invites you to join the collective.

ODYN collective was founded in 2021 in the North West, UK

The Brand

"ODYN" translates from Ukrainian as 'one'


adjective: done by people acting as a group

noun: a cooperative experience

synonyms: united, undivided, collaborative

As the founder, I wanted to include my Ukrainian heritage in the brand alongside the idea of inclusivity & togetherness.

And so, the OC was born, one united.

Behind the Brand

Meet the team aka. ME!

Hi I'm Kat

I am the design team, packing team, sales team, support team, IT team & any other team within a business. 

Welcome to the Collective

Become a part of the OC.

Share the love.

Spread the word.

We are one.

Be a part of the journey.

IG: @odyncollective